Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Alamance 
County Historical Museum, Inc. was the birthplace of Edwin
Michael Holt, a pioneer in the southern textile industry.

Museum Events



The Alamance County Historical Museum has had to cancel several fund-raising events for the past several months, due to the shutdown caused by the corona virus.

The Museum's board of directors will sponsor a yard sale in order to help offset recurrent operational expenses.

The items consist of modern, vintage, and antique; silver, pottery, porcelains, glass/crystal, funiture, decorative, houseware, toys, and collectables.











Event postponed due to threat posed by COVID-19

Porcelains & Glassware

from the Collections of the Alamance County Historical Museum


Join us for dinner at Michelle's Kitchen & Table 

followed by discussion of items from the museum's collection



$40 per person